Monday, August 24, 2009

My Shopping Connection

I was so honored to have this little clutch featured on MyShoppingConnection.

The publishers of MyShoppingConnection support small business and love to showcase indie designers online. Erika Pitera, editor-in-chief, has such a terrific job. She "pre-shops" for those of us who love to shop online, finds interesting and unique products and posts those finds all in one spot! I love to check IndieSpotting daily to see what she's found.

If you find something fabulous or better yet, if you make something fabulous, Erika wants to see it, too. It's quick and easy to send her a submission.

Thank you, Erika!

Friday, August 7, 2009

Not Fall Yet, No Longer Summer

My teenagers return to school next week and their older sister returns to teach in the classroom soon after. It's still very, very hot in Florida and there are still many visitors here on vacation. Football teams have started practice but the first games are still a month away. So while it doesn't seem like fall yet, the summer is winding down for my family.

The freedom from schedule and extra rest has been wonderful, but I welcome a return to routine and I long for crisp weather.

What does the change in season hold for you?